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Our Triobike and Muli are available for purchase at Allo Velo in Montreal

We are often asked where we can purchase the bikes we rent.

When we started Let's Go Cargo! last year, Allo Velo located in Griffintown in Montreal, were huge supporters in getting our business off the ground. In fact, this is where it all started for us. A road trip with our new puppy and we were looking for options to be able to transport him around with us as we explored Montreal's amazing bike network. We were able rent a Triobike Boxter and another pedal bike, put our puppy in the box of the Triobike along with all our bags. Halfway though the day, something clicked. This is how we want to be able to get around in our own city, Ottawa. And #CargoBikeLife was born. The idea then spread to wanting to give others the opportunity to explore this great way of getting from A to B without having to get around with a car, and our little way of advocating for a better, more livable city. A year later, we launched our small bike rental company.

So, if you are looking to support a great local shop that is really focused on changing the urban mobility landscape through supplying high-quality cargo bikes for personal use, and businesses, stop in for a visit to Allo Velo!

Cargo bikes in behind cafe tables at Allo Velo in Montreal
Allo Velo showroom in Montreal

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